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We build marketing strategies that further open umpteen opportunities for our customers and the end-users to connect, communicate and share their interests, views, and opinions. We are proficient enough to understand your business and help you streamline the overall business marketing model, engage with customers consistently, identify preference-based target audience and get immediate feedback.

Techezzy think that we can bring life to your brand. We are committed towards our goals to build niche marketing strategies that can place your brand above your competitors. From innovative designs to user-friendly websites, we as a team can help your brand reach the heart of your customers. We believe in delivering meaningful content that can attract business-specific leads and engage them with full compassion. Our mantra of success is “Collaboration” – a bond with our customers, with their brand, the end-users, our team, and our values. We firmly believe that when each of the piece works in synergy with each other, innovation is bound to happen.

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Website audit

We will run a highly detailed SEO audit of your entire website. Identify all over common issues based on priority and importance.

Competitive Intelligence

competitive intelligence – also known as a competitor analysis it is the process of analysis of your competitors, products, and marketing strategies.

Keyword Analysis

we will identify the most relevant keywords for your business, brand or your products.

Website Optimization

After the website audit we will optimize the website for the search engine results. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of planning of creating, sharing, and publishing content via blogs or articles. 

Analytics Setup

Set up Google Analytics on your website to collect all of the data like ranked keywords/pages, users location, backlinks track etc.

Strong link structure

We will build a strong link structure also called internal link building or website structure.

High Quality Banklinks

Backlinks ever remain an important ranking factor in the SERPs. it is a too important part, quality backlinks help to get ranking faster.

Monthly report

We also provides monthly on page and off seo reports to check the progress of every month.


Search engine optimization looks very easy that’s why most of business owners believe it only involves few keywords and interesting content. While these two are important factors of SEO, there are other strategies that provide excellent results as well. This is why most of businessman hire an SEO expert to handle all their projects. Search engine optimization is a long-term marketing strategy that delivers good results if implemented correctly. We at Chandigarh provides best services Here are some of the benefits of working with us: –

Avoiding Penalties: All search engines will impose penalties if you use techniques that compromise user experience or break trust. The term “penalty” means any negative impact on a website’s organic search rankings caused by an algorithm update or a manual action. If you hire us, these penalties can be avoided because we know which techniques are considered black hat at a given time.

Latest Trends: We work with search engines constantly so they monitor dozens of websites and see just how algorithm changes can impact website performance. We always with latest trends and techniques.

White hat techniques: we used white hat SEO techniques we do not promise you to get the magical rankings on the Search Engines Result Page for your site. Because we believe in white hat SEO work and doing the things with white hat strategies along with following the rules and regulations of Search Engines can take around 3 – 4 months for showing their actual results.


Do you have a website? Great, but you are not doing anything to do promote your business so it’s like you have a business on the web but you are not telling to anyone about it. It means no one knows about your business on the web. It doesn’t matter what you want to sell or services providing online like digital products, physical products, online services etc. Our professional team of Techezzy will help’s you to drive your clients to your website.

You need to understand what your clients are looking for, Our team will provides you about what your clients looking or searching for about your business but they are not getting your website in search results but your competitors have their websites for those keywords in search results so your competitors getting more traffic than you. SEO will Helps to the local users to visit your site after searches by search engine via your business related keywords.


Your search for “how to grow up the level of your business” ends here. With over 5 years of experience our top priority is giving the great services you’ll never forget. If you are not thinking for SEO services or online promotions right now than your competitors going to do it and all of the customer who are looking online for your business or services are going to your competitors website.

Everyone knows SEO is the long process it takes some months to get the result on the first page. We provide everything that you need to grow up the level of your business. So what are you waiting for?. tech ezzy will build your brand, After the some months people will know you are the trusted and one of the top player in the industry. Contact us now & get free advice.


Get better User Experience on Your Website:- As you know that pages per session, and bounce rate. Really matter for ranking factor. If your website has a good page per session and bounce rate really help to increase your website ranking. Simply you have good content related to user’s keyword research and then your content look attractive and perfect for reading full rich or valuable information. so why user won’t stay on your post. it can help to improve your ranking.

Write Good Content & optimized:- What google actually want from us? “High-Quality Content” While Writing any type of Content make sure your content is unique, No spelling errors, proper grammar, Mobile-optimized, internal linking & external linking, focus keywords clear and No Keyword stuffing.

Make Backlinks for your website:- Use Moz, Ahref, Smrush or any other types of tool that will help you to get competitor websites backlinks data(where they created a link for them own site), Create links for High Da Pa Sites, Create Web 2.o, Submit your Links, Do Comment on other related sites, Guestbook, Forum..etc.

Fix Broken Links:- Having good quality links really help you to get top ranking but your site has some broken links that hurt user experience and google rank both of it. Use Siteliner to check your broken links and go-ahead to fix it.

Image Optimization:- Image and videos are non-index able attribute. Google only can read webpage sources code. while you inserting any type of images first compress it and then use the focus keyword in the alt text.


First Page Ranking:-First Page Ranking in Search engine results (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yendex, Etc)

Visibility/ Popularity:– Increase in your website Visibility / Popularity

Increase Traffic:- One of the major benefits of Search Engine Optimization is that it makes possible to give quality traffic to your website.

Long lasting benefits: Search engine optimization techniques  provides you long term benefits. Unlike paid techniques, SEO will help you for longer time.

Creates a Stronger Relationship with the Audience: If your webpage has a good user experience, the audience will like it and you have a great chance to create a strong relationship with your visitors.

Increases Sales and Leads: Quality traffic to your website means more sales and leads.

Increases Brand Awareness:  SEO has the power to make your brand discovered and remembered.

Search engine optimization helps to make your website most, most trusted and unique for search engines. The process of getting noticed on WWW is very difficult